BJ Global Direct - BODY SHAPERS

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Bj Global is a rip off.Their body shapers are overpriced and they do not refund all of your money. Management is horrible and so are the customer service reps. You never can get a supervisor to call you back. Do not order from this company. They are crooks!!!!! I HAVE NEVER ORDERED FROM A COMPANY WITH SUCH RUDE REPS. The reps are brain dead about the material used to make their crappy shapers...I hope they are at least getting paid well for working for such a horrible company. Stay away from the Kymaro Body Shapers!!!!!

TL-Ok City

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BJ Global Direct - Gullible Americans

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Where do buyers of this body girdle think the fat is going to go?Of course it has to squish around and relocate to other areas, and of course, the "girdle" must be TIGHT!

Come on Americans, use your brain, THINK before you fall for something! Girdles have been around for ages, and it's common sense how they work and how they would feel. We are so anxious to get that instant miracle cure for our problems that we are willing to throw all sense to the wind for it.

No wonder our whole country is in such a mess with that kind of thinking!

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BJ Global Direct - Kymaro body shaper

Riverside, California 1 comment

When I received the Kymaro body shaper, I was very pleased. It did indeed make me look smaller in the waist. At first, I thought the price was a little high, but it was well worth it. In fact, I have since ordered 2 more for my sisters. Kymaro body shaper is a wonderful product. I will keep ordering more in the future. Also, ladies who have complained. Nothing is free. You always have to pay for processing and handling and shipping!!!DUHHH!!!!! Quit being cheap and just order them. The body shaper does work!!!Believe that people.

Terri K.

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i have not recive my order yet

#B#128152500128 body shaper 49.85

1540 E powder horn RD.

Titusville Fl 32796. im still looking for it, thanking you in advance.

BJ Global Direct - Want what I ordered or money back

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To Whom ever,

On June 16, 2008 I sent a check #2278 to you for 2 Kohmaro 1 black 1 white size large total $79.75 which you cashed on June 25, 2008.

Todays date is July 25, 2008. I do not think there is a question of is there money to cover the check after 1 month.

I want the product or a good check refund. I ordered from you on a good faith basis, I would think you would operate on the same.

I also think it is pretty bad that you post a sit like pissed off consumer.

Thank you Linda Glova

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BJ Global Direct - Kymara Bodyshaper

Raleigh, North Carolina 2 comments
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Paid for the bodyshaper online and only asked for the top, but my credit card was charged for a bottom and top.Postage was extremely expensive for something weighing less than an 8x10 envelope.

(1st scam by the way) Top sent was a XXL which was way to big. I did not ask for this. I sent the item back with the explanation and after a month, have not received anything back. I don't expect to receive it, but wanted to let others know of this scam company.

Oh by the way, saw it on a late night infomercial.(Beware)

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I saw this kymara body shaper on TV and it looked good, but $79.00 !!! I am frightened by this, what if you get it and it doesn't fit well?

Where can you go shopping to find these garments?

Hyde, England, United Kingdom #25974

Thanks for writing this. I saw the infomercial lastnight, but could not remember the website, so I did a search and came up with your comments :) I'm glad I did, since $40 is not money I want to simply throw away (I'm scared to ask what the postage was!!!)

But thank you for your honesty and for warning others :)

BJ Global Direct - I agree kymaro is a big joke ....

Greensboro, North Carolina 2 comments
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Kymaro is such a big joke..instead of going through the hassle of wasting my gas, time, and money returning it for less then what i purchased it for i'm getting my pay back a diffrent way it will be the butt of my joke in my up coming act.

stay tuned i will make certain that this piece of garbage is marketed the way it should be... honestly!!

i ordered this product thinking it would be everything that was advertised and they used consumers my size or bigger i ordered up no luck waste of my credit card.

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Midhurst, Ontario, Canada #25214

I bought this product thinking I was going to get all things amazing results I saw on TV.Only to my surprise I couldn't get the item on, after much pulling and struggling to get it on, the thing rolled up, this is part of the infomercial (that it will not roll up.

I also ordered the additional garment which ripped when I tried to pull it up.I don't like to feel as though I got taken advantages of but something STINKS about this product and marketer.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #5035

The product is bad, starting right from the lies you see on TV, on very early morning shows when you're half awake.The models who are so transformed by these things are a fake, the ads

are lies, you don't get anything for free, you pay through the nose for products that probably cost Kymaro a few cents, since they're made so cheaply in China.

The elastic fabric in the top is stiff, itchy, and doesn't correct anything. It's nearly impossible to get it on, and I don't have claustrophobia, but if I ever wore this thing, I'd probably develop it. What they call a non-roll edge does roll up, making a nice new tire around your waist. I saw no improvement with the pants.

If you mail your item back, you'll receive about half of what you paid, because they charge 10 dollars shipping for each item even though they come in the same box and only weigh a few ounces. They ask for your email, and then sell your address to everyone. I've had so much spam since this purchase, I can't tell you. I feel so ripped off and angry.

I paid 60 dollars, and got nothing but trouble. They don't care about their customers, they just want to scam people. Don't buy Kymaro from TV or online. Someone told me that they have a site on ebay where they're trying to sell all the returned merchandise from customers like me who are unhappy.

If you want to try the product, I'd advise you to only buy it as cheap as you can on ebay.

It didn't work for me, but it may work for you, just don't be *** like me and pay all the extras just to find out!:cry

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